Snowy Road Material

Trying out something different. This was a very fun material to work on, and I hope to use it for an environment soon.

I started out in Substance Designer making a quick basic snow material. Something not too rough looking with a glitter effect. I actually watched Blender Guru's tutorial on snow, and his team has a great free set of Photoshop brushes (I used a few of them to help make the tracks and foot prints). I went into ZBrush and used a mocked-up height map I made in Photoshop as a mask to inflate a subdivided plane. I also found some photo-scanned height maps on that I brought into Photoshop to turn into alphas for stamping inside of ZBrush.

After baking in Marmoset, I went to Substance Painter to compile the final material. I used an asphalt material by Janine-Smith on Substance Share for blending underneath the snow. The rest was compositing bakes and using generators in Substance.

Austin labarbera screenshot000
Austin labarbera screenshot002
Austin labarbera snowtracks mappreview
Austin labarbera snowball

Basic Snow used as base material.